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You lead a busy life. We all do. And it just gets tough, some times, to know how to get better when you’re just barely keeping up. And every day there’s yet another story about how to lose this or tone that. We tell you the story behind the sound bite so that you can improve your life in the most effective way possible.

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Boomers Rock interviews experts and shares the answers that will help you improve your health, fitness, finances, and happiness. Our podcasts, books, articles, and seminars explain how you can make the important things in your life better.

How Do We Do This?


We talk to experts about improving our quality of life, and podcast those discussions.

We write articles about these improvements, and you’ll find them here in our blog, and occasionally on other sites where we guest blog. We’ve also written books, and you can see those on our free content page for members.

We have hosted seminars on these topics, and, if you join our site as a basic member, you can watch those videos.

We will soon launch a webinar series, as well, dealing with specific strategies for improving your life.

Why Do We Do This?

Tom Matt, MA NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Tom Matt, MA
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Tom Matt founded Boomers Rock to help as many people improve their life as possible. He found a way to improve his life, and he wants to share the love and success he experienced.

We realize that life is complicated, and you have to do a lot of things right to make a lasting change in your life. And improving one part of our life leads to improvements in other parts, as well.

Feeling Better

We believe that fitness, fun activities, time with your family lead to you feeling better, and that’s one of the focal points of every interview, every seminar, and every article we write.

Thinking Better

It’s not easy taking care of yourself, and sometimes the complications of family and maintaining friendships can strain your ability to cope. We interview experts on psychology, happiness, brain health, learning — topics that can have lasting impact on improving your ability to enjoy life.

Feeding Yourself

What you eat today becomes part of your biology tomorrow, so finding the proper nutrition to fuel your busy life is key to taking care of yourself, your family, and improving your life.

Caring for your Finances

If you are interested in finance, leadership, or starting a new career, we have articles, videos, and podcasts about those, too. We interview experts about jobs, retirement, entrepreneurship, and investing. Planning for your future is what makes the effort you make now to improve your life pay great dividends.

How does it work?

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